Friday, May 30, 2014

K's Summer Dance Workshop at DLA Molino

My little girl joined ballet classes at Lea De Castro last year, and enjoyed every minute of it. This summer, we originally planned to have her go back there for another round of ballet, but when we learned that her school was also offering summer dance classes, we opted for the latter. I enrolled K for all five dances that were open, which are Ballet, Hawaiian, Jazz, Belly Dancing, and Modern for a fee of 3000 pesos (recital expenses not included). According to the teachers, they have been doing it for years, and they can attest to how the little girls really come out of their 'shells' and shed of the shyness once they get onstage. 

The sessions were held in their audiovisual room (which was air conditioned, yey!) and was scheduled for two hours daily. Though I didn't have to worry about her getting bored anymore, I was afraid she might tire herself out (dancing for two hours, imagine), and not want to go back the next day.