Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lessons Learned From When the ALMOST End of my WAHM-hood

I really do not want to begin blogging again on such a negative note - but it's a lowlight I want to highlight because of all the lessons I learned from the experience.

I have been a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) since 2010. I didn't exactly have the smoothest start, but once I got my momentum, I was never really left 'barren' (with no clients) for more than two or three weeks.

I used to keep around three or four clients (all active), but it came to a point that I felt like a zombie. The very moment I opened my eyes, all I could think about was work. When my rates improved, I stopped the craziness. I maintained a maximum of one long-term, full-time client, and kept around two part-time/as-needed clients at the most.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Looking Back: Wilson's Tagaytay Getaway

Since I have not blogged about soooo many events in the past year, let me catch up on some of them. To start, here's a short account of how my family (including my parents and sibs) had a super fun summer last 2014.

My side of the family rarely, as in verrrry rarely get to experience family vacays together. The last time was...ok, I don't even remember. That's how loooong ago it was. I am pretty sure we were still little kids then. So to have had this experience with them with my own little family is so precious. One for the books. History-making. :)

My Mom and Dad are not big on long trips, so they had me look for a place that's relaxing but is just a quick drive away. My default suggestion - Tagaytay. My mom wanted a place that's quiet, private, and the package should include food. Major tamad mode - she doesn't want to go out to roam around the lovely foodie destinations in the chilly city. Fine by me, since my family lives near Tagaytay anyway, we can easily just go back for a food trip. :)

Goal: Find a resort-style place that comes packaged with good food - hmmmmm......

Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm Baaaack!

Oh my oh my! I haven't blogged for soooooo long, I don't even know how to start 'writing for myself' again. I write for a living, and yet here I am, at a loss on how to get my groove back on working on my own blog.  Let me see... for starters, let's talk about the weather.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A WAHM's Confession

Oh my, the first half of the year just...breezed by. How could that be possible? It was summer, and then, it was summer no more. I did have that summer hurrah I was wanting to have on the last day of May - like I was waving goodbye to sunny days and swimming pools. :) It was a quick weekend escapade to Wilson's Tagaytay, but it was a very refreshing experience. Will make kwento soon.
Anyway, July is starting (and getting ready to leave again. So soon!), and I just want to applaud and at the same time let go of the experiences of the past six months.

This WAHMmy has a few things to confess: 

Friday, May 30, 2014

K's Summer Dance Workshop at DLA Molino

My little girl joined ballet classes at Lea De Castro last year, and enjoyed every minute of it. This summer, we originally planned to have her go back there for another round of ballet, but when we learned that her school was also offering summer dance classes, we opted for the latter. I enrolled K for all five dances that were open, which are Ballet, Hawaiian, Jazz, Belly Dancing, and Modern for a fee of 3000 pesos (recital expenses not included). According to the teachers, they have been doing it for years, and they can attest to how the little girls really come out of their 'shells' and shed of the shyness once they get onstage. 

The sessions were held in their audiovisual room (which was air conditioned, yey!) and was scheduled for two hours daily. Though I didn't have to worry about her getting bored anymore, I was afraid she might tire herself out (dancing for two hours, imagine), and not want to go back the next day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Work-from-Home Momma Should Surround Herself With

Nothing but happy thoughts from this photo.  :)

When I was just starting off, my online work was all pretty much part-time (Still is. By choice. More on that later.), and I even saw myself moving on to another office job sometime in the future. 

Fast forward to four years later, I can still imagine myself having a corporate career, maybe in ten years? Hehe. So yes, it's not something I would personally choose to have in the near future. Not just yet. I am thoroughly enjoying my kid's sweet nagging to be the customer in her little made-up cafe, or the architect of her pillow fort. Every single day. 

I have reiterated in a previous post just how crazy being a WAHMmy is, and it doesn't really get any easier as the years go by. New challenges every single time. How do you survive without losing your sanity? Make these a part of your life:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello There Summer!

It's summer time again! Don't even have to stress that out because you can literally feel its presence now. I honestly do not want to leave the refreshing embrace of the cool water from our shower. Gusto ko nang tumira sa CR at maligo the entire day. I wish I can use the air conditioner 24/7 while this exasperating heat is around, but that would mean a crazy high electric bill. So, tiis-tiis muna sa electric fan.

So what are we doing this summer?