Saturday, July 27, 2013

K's Post-Birthday Photoshoot And Why It Makes Me Emotional

One of the highlights of the past couple of months was my daughter's fourth birthday, which I posted about here and here din. And her post-birthday photoshoot absolutely comes in close second.

Post-birthday photoshoot? Aba'y oo naman! Why not choc-nut?! We didn't get to arrange a shoot with her photographer (my uber talented brother. hihihi.), so we just decided to do it after, when everyone's schedule is maluwag.

I'm the kind of mom who loves taking photos of her kid, yung tipong lilingon lang, click click galore na. And though I am not at all the type who will send her photos to casting agencies or will take her to go-sees, type na type ko ang professional-looking photos. I just love seeing how well she interacts with the camera - and how it's not in a 'model-ly' way, but just as a happy child.