More About This Winning Wahmmy

Hi dearies! 

I'm Winning Wahmmy TIN - really just another mom-on-the-web who has so much time on her hands she decides to blog. Or NOT. :)

I'm actually an online writer, which means when I'm not blogging here, I'm most likely writing for someone else's blog or website. And I seem to have done more of the work-related writing, as is obvious in my previous, poorly-maintained personal blogs. Ouch. 

The Winning Wahmmy is my latest lease of real estate on the web, and this time, I plan to make it prosper. Perhaps not monetarily (But that would be nice too. This mom has bills to pay.), but more of to serve as my writing outlet online. 

My idea of a great weekend is this - snuggling in a cozy corner with a warm cup of coffee, a good book, and if it's not too much to ask, a picturesque view outside my window. This, and of course spending time with my lovely family. 

I'm an optimist, and at the same time, a paranoid mom. How I can exist as both, I have no idea. 

I work at night, in the morning, and in the afternoon. Am I workaholic? I love what I do - that's for sure. :)

I do not plan to change the world overnight, but I do plan to change along with it (for the better of course).  

I hate people who pass judgement like they were born to do so. I do that too, talk about other people, but in my mind I always leave room for doubt - no one can know another 100%.   

Moms are a special breed of women - we're winners, supporters, mentors, and motivators all at the same time. We make life's winners. :)