Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lessons Learned From When the ALMOST End of my WAHM-hood

I really do not want to begin blogging again on such a negative note - but it's a lowlight I want to highlight because of all the lessons I learned from the experience.

I have been a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) since 2010. I didn't exactly have the smoothest start, but once I got my momentum, I was never really left 'barren' (with no clients) for more than two or three weeks.

I used to keep around three or four clients (all active), but it came to a point that I felt like a zombie. The very moment I opened my eyes, all I could think about was work. When my rates improved, I stopped the craziness. I maintained a maximum of one long-term, full-time client, and kept around two part-time/as-needed clients at the most.

And then, a stroke of unexpected bad luck came around the end of June this year. My long-term, full-time client just decided to not send anymore writing assignments. It wasn't just me, we were an entire team that were definitely caught by surprise. Most of us had been with the client for 2 to 3 years, and for the longest time, had regularly received tasks without fail.

I was shaken. Uncertainty hung around like a heavy cloud. First two weeks, I was relatively chill (a little worried), when news came that there was absolutely no certainty about assignments coming in for the next month - that's when I stumbled - and almost fell.

Thankfully - I had angels around me. My hubby, my family, my friends, and of course, my Father up there who kept me on track when I felt super down and uncertain. I got a new job and other writing gigs about another three weeks after.

We are not a single-income family, but what I earn from being a WAHM definitely takes care of a lot of our expenses. So I definitely learned my lesson with this recent experience. Let me share some of them:


The #walangforever hashtag definitely fits right here. Being a WAHM for five years, I became complacent that my long-term clients will stay for as long as I want them to. Eeeek.

I totally forgot it's the other way around - they will stay around for as long as THEY want to. With no contracts and no labor law protection to hold on to, this is the WAHM reality. Freelancing through job platforms are amazing, it gives you freedom and flexibility - but you have to be smart, because they don't offer the same 'stability' as most regular office jobs.

So there - lesson learned.

ACTION PLAN: Variety. Do not depend solely on just your online jobs. If you can open a business, albeit a small one, yey! In time, this may compensate for any 'non-permanent' source of income you lose in the erratic scheme of things.

2.  SAVE. 

Yes, I know I know. This 'lesson' has been around for centuries, yet many have not learned. Hehe. I'm one of those many - and I don't want to be part of the clique anymore. We are not materialistic people or what some would call maluho. But, there are definitely some expenses we could have done without and plenty of opportunities we could have set aside - but didn't.

So there - lesson learned.

ACTION PLAN: Put up a bank account that's solely for savings, preferably without an ATM. Automatically funnel savings to that account. I know there are other means - will definitely explore those as well.


Writing has always been my primary bread and butter as a WAHM. But I am very grateful that I have years of customer service experience too. This has become my life-saver this time around. And yes, customer service jobs are relatively more 'stable' compared to writing ones as most companies have a more immediate and consistent need for customer support frontliners.

ACTION PLAN: I am aiming to add another skill to my roster so I can offer more to my potential clients.


This is where I am super, super, suuuper blessed. I have a husband who is very supportive of my being a WAHM - he's the one who keeps telling me that the lack of a job is just a 'welcome break'  that I work too hard so God gave me time to take a breather.

I also have Sam, a wonderful friend and a fellow WAHM. We went through the same challenges at the same time for some reason (soul sistah!), and she was the one who kept lifting me up everything my spirits are sagging.

Make sure to have people like them around you, not just for the bad times - everytime if it's at all possible. :)

ACTION PLAN: Get rid of the 'nega' people and do my best to keep these lovely people around me!

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