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Looking Back: Wilson's Tagaytay Getaway

Since I have not blogged about soooo many events in the past year, let me catch up on some of them. To start, here's a short account of how my family (including my parents and sibs) had a super fun summer last 2014.

My side of the family rarely, as in verrrry rarely get to experience family vacays together. The last time was...ok, I don't even remember. That's how loooong ago it was. I am pretty sure we were still little kids then. So to have had this experience with them with my own little family is so precious. One for the books. History-making. :)

My Mom and Dad are not big on long trips, so they had me look for a place that's relaxing but is just a quick drive away. My default suggestion - Tagaytay. My mom wanted a place that's quiet, private, and the package should include food. Major tamad mode - she doesn't want to go out to roam around the lovely foodie destinations in the chilly city. Fine by me, since my family lives near Tagaytay anyway, we can easily just go back for a food trip. :)

Goal: Find a resort-style place that comes packaged with good food - hmmmmm......

Enter - Wilson's Place.

I saw a friend's blog of her stay in the place and I was charmed by the photos - especially the food shots (check out that post here). She has lovely, lovely photos of the place. :) I immediately suggested Wilson's to my mom and she loved the fact that it looked quiet and serene. I made reservations through text, and I remember we had to make a small deposit. We paid the balance upon checkout.
The roadside scenery of green along Maglabe Drive

The travel going to Maglabe Drive is pretty straightforward - just turn right from Tagaytay Rotonda and go straight, straight, straiiiight ahead until you go past Bag of Beans (to your right). Keep your eyes peeled for Sotogrande, and right after that, a sign that says Welcome to Bgy. Asisan. Anyways, Maglabe Drive is where you'll find Puzzle Mansion too so you 'll find that sign along the road as well.

BUUUT, Wilson's Place comes after Puzzle Mansion, Flower Farm, and many other landmarks. Ask their staff for clearer instructions on how to get there as I unfortunately cannot remember the 'markers' anymore - and besides, even if I did, you'll probably still need the very specific instructions. Hehehe.

But once you enter Wilson's Place's grounds, you'll see just how incredibly worthy it is of the 'tricky' drive.
Left: the family rooms
Top right: The front facade/lawn
Bottom right: The open/pool area and entrance to the 'hotel'

This is the sight that welcomes you once you enter from the parking lot. And I finally saw where my mom was coming from - it really seems like a place you want to laze around in overnight. The moment I saw that pool, all I could think about was going in - and my excited little bundle of energy (K, my daughter) had pretty much exactly the same thoughts.

Refreshing welcome drinks for our group

We settled into our family room right away (after we downed their thirst-quenching welcome drinks). Ours was the Rose room, which overnight housed me, my daughter, hubs, my mom and dad, and my two sibs. It had one huge king bed, one double bed, and one single bed. There's also a living space with a comfy sofa right in the middle where you'll find a low cabinet and a wall-mounted TV.

I personally loved the elegant yet homey decor. It gave that 'hotel feel' without looking intimidating. Inviting and pretty at the same time.

The beds were also really comfortable. I do hope they had more pillows, but that's just me. Hehe. We did bring some extra blankets for my little one since she loves snuggling in with her own linens. Choosy. Hahahaha!

Here are pictures of our quaint space at Wilson's Place.

And of course, this oh-so-postcard worthy haven are best represented in photos, as there isn't really any corner in this place that doesn't warrant a snapshot.

Get ready for a photo deluge right about....NOW.

Even their outdoor furniture is interesting. :) 

These are the sculptures near the pool area at Wilson's Place. Upper right hand pic is the lawn area beside the parking/entrance. It has those old-school swings tied to a big tree. My little K looooved them. 

This is what welcomes you at the 'entrance' of the dining area/'hotel' area

The 'hotel' area houses the nine regular rooms (which are also themed. Awesome.). You can find more pics of them on Go Jackie Go's post about Wilson's right --- here.

The ground floor functions as the 'lobby' and as this huge living room/dining area where guests can enjoy their set dinner and breakfast. I loved how there were all kinds of colors and details in this huge space, but they all somehow came together and didn't look like a crazy mess. Ang galing!

And then there's the food. Oh yes... The food. While most hotels and inn would serve buffet meals, which is usually their point of attraction for many guests, Wilson's Place serves set meals - but they're not just your usual selection of dishes. They're homemade, gourmet, restaurant-quality dishes made of the freshest ingredients this side of Tagaytay.

No wonder, as I heard it's the owner herself who oversees this aspect of their package. You just gotta love hands-on business owners.

I don't remember the names of the dishes anymore (I'm really bad with names), but trust me when I say they're all sooo scrumptious!


Wow, I am suddenly very hungry now. These are just some of the yummy food that comes packaged with their overnight stay (dinner and breakfast). It's so convenient to have these delicious meals especially prepared for you while you lounge around Wilson Place's grounds.

We all enjoyed our short but sweet respite from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives which was offered by Wilson's. I for one, am definitely looking forward to come back there for another lovely escape.

Here are their contact details: 
0915-8645706 or 0917-5357218
Facebook page:

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