Thursday, May 23, 2013

A House Party and Everything Pink

Last published: May 4 2013.

Hala! May 4 was my last post? Kumusta naman ang goal ko to blog regularly? And I just saw a draft na malapit na tubuan ng talahib - resto review pa naman. Hehe.

Heniways, since my brain is basically on snooze/screensaver mode, I will save the more profound posts for later (naku kailan kaya yung later). For now, let me tell you more about my little K's 4th Birthday.

I had been 'dreaming' about my daughter's 4th birthday since early this year. If you would check out my party blog , you'd see just how crazy in love I am with kiddie parties. Literal na pag may free time ako, instead na mag-online shopping, nag-stalk ako ng mga party styling blogs. So whenever we have a family special event coming up, I feel like making it a big production palagi.

But errr, this year, the 'dreams' of a quaint yet a bit bongga party was literally just part of my daydreams. The budgeting department of this household has to prioritize tuition fees and other school-related expenses. So X mark muna when it comes to bonggang party. Knowing me and my OA self though, I just cannot let my K's birthday pass without me making it extra special. So when she requested for a party, we decided to oblige --- and threw a simple one for her at home. Will blog more about the little details on my party blog soon (ayan na naman ang soon. ;D), for now let me regale you with a collage of photos of that happy day:

Pretty birthday girl

Close friends, neighbors and family as guests

We started prepping for her celebration the Friday before her party (which was May 12, Sunday). Lakas maka-adrenaline rush ng two days preparation, so I was able to make a few DIYs for her mini-dessert table. Balloon decor is done by hubby (I'm so lucky!). Food was cooked by my superwoman of an MIL (mom-in-law) whose an expert in cooking for parties. Hubby's family, and their entire angkan, are big on handaans, as in there are times na every weekend may pinupuntahan kaming family gathering. No wonder I've reached xxx lbs from my 118 lbs. self prior to being hubby's girlfriend more than six years ago...

So there, that's my baby girl's very pink and black party.  We vacated the sala area of our house by removing the bulky sofa and placing monoblock chairs and a couple of six-seater tables for our guests. We had kiddie neighbors over, and my K was ecstatic that she had 'visitors'. :) Sabik lang sa bisita. Hehe. She got a few presents, kasi mega surprise naman ang invitation namin. And besides, our main point for the party was to satisfy our little one's desire to celebrate with balloons, cake, and friends - and she got all that and more...

House parties are definitely more ma-effort than celebrating at a fastfood, or just dining out for birthdays. But, somehow, I find it a lot more 'meaningful' and budget-friendly. We were able to maximize the entire afternoon 'til evening just catching up with family and friends, while K played with her kiddie guests. We spent only around 5K for everything, and we were able to feed (to uber kabusugan) more or less 30 people, and we had leftovers pa that lasted as ulam for about three more days. Hehe.

K thanked me and hugged me after her party, and that was the most fulfilling end to a mom's day really. I was super super tired from manning the kitchen, fixing the dessert table, serving the food to guests etc. etc., (while hubby just made chika-chika with the guests. happy mother's day nga naman sa 'kin). But at the end of the day, knowing that our little house party made my best girl happy was all the thanks that I needed. :)


  1. Galing ng pink and black theme! At hindi pa mahal. Great!Sometimes,the simple gatherings are the most memorable.:)
    Following you na.:)

    1. Thanks! :) Super agree with "Sometimes,the simple gatherings are the most memorable.:)" Just having the basics is enough, basta time spent with loved ones. :)