Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why I Love Sundays

I enjoy Sundays. They're a bit bittersweet, because it's the day before you start another workweek, but it's always been our family day so I always look forward to it.

We normally start our Sundays by going to church, but I have to admit, there are times when all we want to do during cold weekend mornings is to sleep in. Borlogs kung borlogs is the name of the game. But once we wake up, or right after church, we make it a point to do some family bonding. Sometimes we go to the mall to have lunch and then let K enjoy an hour of play at her 'favorite place ever' (indoor playplaces). Hubby and I would usually just window shop, and we would also spend some time at hubby's 'favorite place' (the appliance center). I have to admit I am usually teased and tempted by the clothes and shoes that I see, but when I do a mental visualization of our budget - ay deadma na, moving forward.

K usually gets a little 'treat' if she behaves the entire time we're out. Sometimes it's a toy, sometimes it's something sweet. Anything she'd appreciate that's less than 100 pesos.  Bongga na pag worth 120. :) We just want her to enjoy simple pleasures.

There are Sundays too that we just stay at home, especially pag maulan. We just do DVD marathons, or sleeping marathons. Kain-tulog-kain-tulog combo meal. The best. And of course play time with my little darling is also included. Though lately, most of our Sundays are 'occupied' by other family events - baptisms, birthdays, etc. etc. Mabenta kami sa mga party (clown lang).

Sunday is always a special day for me, because it's when I get to enjoy being with hubby and my little darling doing things we all enjoy. It also fills my heart with joy whenever I see my boss and my little boss together, especially since I can see how K really is a daddy's girl.

Growing up, I don't remember enjoying Sundays this much. Hindi naman tragic ang childhood ko, pero my dad worked abroad for years so he wasn't around for a looooot of Sundays. :( And my mom is the epitome of a homebody and super spendthrift person (in short, kuripot) - she doesn't enjoy going out. While I on the other hand have the gala genes. Kahit walang gagawin sa labas, basta makalabas, happy na ko. So obviously hindi kami match ni madame ng weekend ugali.

Now that I'm a mom, I make sure that I get to go out on family dates every Sunday - sort of a tradition. Kahit makapag-Jollibee lang kami ok na.  We don't go to the trendy restos, my daughter doesn't get to buy the toys she really wants (kumusta naman kasi ang presyo 'neng, pangulam na ng one week - tapos after three days ayawan na?!), and I don't get to really shop either - but guess what? Parang wala naman kulang sa Sundays ko, alive na alive pa din ang happiness. :)

The smile I see on my daughter's face is priceless, and to hear her say "Oh thank you Mama!" after every Sunday date - walang kapalit talaga. So kemerlung pang-McDip and french fries lang ang kaya ng powers namin, go pa din kami sa aming weekend date.

...and that's why I love Sundays! :)


  1. Hi Tin!
    Love this post :) actually, nakaka-addict basahin ang mga posts mo kasi somehow, nakikita ko sarili ko. Hehehe. When we go out, bawal naman ang "bilmoko" ng toys. Food, yes, ok lng. :) And yes, tama ka. We don't need to spend weekends on shala places when in the end matatakam lng tayo at magugutom kakatingin. As long as we are with the family, ok na yun :)

    1. Hi Em! :) Na-touch naman ako with your comment and to find out na may nagbabasa pala ng blog ko. Akala ko ako lang, paminsan nagpapanggap ako na may readers. Hehe.

      Ay naituro ko na kay daughter ang salitang 'mahal' and 'expensive'. Kaya pag sinabi ko nang mahal, alam na nya ang ibig sabihin nun. :D And what I realized din is that, the less you go to the shala places, the more the experience becomes special when you get to try out all the shala things. Minsan nga I find myself disappointed - may 'ay ito na ba yun' moments. :)

      Salamat for the comment! :)