Saturday, July 27, 2013

K's Post-Birthday Photoshoot And Why It Makes Me Emotional

One of the highlights of the past couple of months was my daughter's fourth birthday, which I posted about here and here din. And her post-birthday photoshoot absolutely comes in close second.

Post-birthday photoshoot? Aba'y oo naman! Why not choc-nut?! We didn't get to arrange a shoot with her photographer (my uber talented brother. hihihi.), so we just decided to do it after, when everyone's schedule is maluwag.

I'm the kind of mom who loves taking photos of her kid, yung tipong lilingon lang, click click galore na. And though I am not at all the type who will send her photos to casting agencies or will take her to go-sees, type na type ko ang professional-looking photos. I just love seeing how well she interacts with the camera - and how it's not in a 'model-ly' way, but just as a happy child.

Here are a couple of photos of her previous pre-birthday photoshoots:

Pre-birthday shoot for her 2nd birthday. Photos by our friend and super photog, Chado Barreryo
Pre-birthday shoot for her 3rd birthday. Photo on the left by my friend Chado Barreyro, and photo on the right by my bro, Ron of Alizarine Creative Imaging.
Post-birthday shoot for her 4th birthday. Photos taken by my brother, Ron of Alizarine Creative Imaging

O di ba winner naman?

Looking at these photos, especially the latest set, actually got me a bit emotional (still does) when I first saw them. I kept on staring at each one, and saw just how much she's changed physically, and remember just how much she's developed mentally and emotionally too. I used to worry, for a time, that she might have a speech delay kasi medyo bulol pa sya and not very expressive yet. Pero now that she's in nursery, and after a couple of rounds of summer and enrichment classes...ayyyyy, she's ultra daldal na. So many questions, and Mommy and Daddy are not always ready with answers. Truth is - I felt so tanders agad-agad. :(

I know we still have a loooong way to go before she becomes a 'lady'. I am looking forward to the teenage years, feeling ko exciting - knowing how I was as a teen. Hehe. But I am more than happy to go through 'the stages' - di naman ako nagmamadaling magdalaga at maging super independent ang little one ko.

I thank God that I have friends  (like the super talented Chad Barreyro who's taken pictures of Keisha since she was a month old. <3 That guy is a gem!) and a brother who are more than willing to snap pro-quality shots of my little girl. My princess K is already comfortable interacting with them, so her smiles are natural and easy in the photos - just the way a kiddie photoshoot outputs should be.They really gave me immortalized precious moments that I can look back on when she's older na.

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