Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Work-from-Home Momma Should Surround Herself With

Nothing but happy thoughts from this photo.  :)

When I was just starting off, my online work was all pretty much part-time (Still is. By choice. More on that later.), and I even saw myself moving on to another office job sometime in the future. 

Fast forward to four years later, I can still imagine myself having a corporate career, maybe in ten years? Hehe. So yes, it's not something I would personally choose to have in the near future. Not just yet. I am thoroughly enjoying my kid's sweet nagging to be the customer in her little made-up cafe, or the architect of her pillow fort. Every single day. 

I have reiterated in a previous post just how crazy being a WAHMmy is, and it doesn't really get any easier as the years go by. New challenges every single time. How do you survive without losing your sanity? Make these a part of your life:

1. Faith. - I was never religious, even if I studied in Catholic schools from preschool to college. But I'd like to say my spiritual aspect is grounded on my desire to have a personal relationship with God.  And that relationship is what I usually draw my strength from on the many days I feel like I'm losing my strength, my inspiration, my motivation... my self. Faith is abstract yes, intangible, but it's the one thing that's so strong, so sufficient, that you don't even have to see it to feel its power. Surround yourself with faith, and no challenge will be too big. 

2. Positive people. - This world is full of people who all seem to be at the ready to drain you of all your 'sparkle', 'fairy dust', or whatever it is that keeps your every day magical. And thanks to social networking sites, these people can share their negative vibes so easily. Fortunately, you can choose not to have those people in your life, or at least remove them temporarily from your Newsfeed  (hello Hide/Unfollow button). Choose instead to receive 'feeds' from people who are funny, carefree, and positive. No, not the boisterous types who flaunt their branded stuff online - just the ones you know really exude that positive vibe.   They are people you can draw inspiration from, keep them around. 

3. Food. - I know, I know, not really the 'healthiest' advice for the literal 'couch potatoes' that are us WAHMmies. But hey, I didn't say surround yourself with junk food! :) Sustenance, that's what you need. Always have something for those days when your brain cells feel fried. It can be your favorite bag of chips (go for the smaller bags, not the huge ones that can feed an entire family of four), a plate of your craved-for pasta, or a bowl of the best salad ever. 

4. Music. - Some of us can only work in quiet surroundings, but even they would have to agree that a preferred beat can always stir up some of those happy vibes. Keep music playing in the background and you'll find yourself enveloped in a little cloud of fun memories. 

5. Family and good friends. - But of course, a WAHMmy's primary source of happiness are people who are important to her. Keep them near you as often as you can, but don't be hesitant to put a distance when needed. Work outside of your home sometimes, just to give yourself a change of environment. Meet up with good friends who share your passion, best if you know other WAHMmies who know exactly what you go through every day. 

Working from home takes a toll on you in a slightly different way than an office job would, with WAHMming, it's like ANYWHERE can become an office, no running away from the work so to speak - because it's so deeply embedded in your mind, your laptop becomes an extension of your hands. It's really a whole different kind of stress, and dealing with it is not as easy as you think it is. 

But being a WAHM is a true blessing too. You just have to be around the right kind of people and things - and your every day will feel like a dream - well at least most of it. :D 

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