Thursday, November 28, 2013

When There Is Nothing Left, There Is Always Hope.

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It has been almost three weeks since Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan ravaged Central Philippines.

Ravage is the closest word. Destroyed doesn't even cut it. The damage wrought by the Super Typhoon is truly unimaginable - and it is! Its strength was unseen by people who had lived for the past few decades - all over the world.

Three weeks since, it has been discovered that thousands have been killed by it, and every day turns up with more. There is a lack of food, water, shelter - all the basic needs of man - lacking in so many ways.

But if there is one thing that is always abundant in the Filipino heart, that is HOPE.

We are known for being warm people, for always smiling. Even PNoy, our president, has been lambasted for 'smiling too much'. But in times like these, it is the Filipinos love for smiles, love for happiness, and our penchant for positivity that will raise us from the depths of despair.

It is hard to imagine how one can actually survive something as horrific as this tragedy. The loss of homes, livelihood, and family - it's just too much for one frail soul to bear. Yet when I look at photos of the survivors online, I see a glimmer of sunshine in their eyes. And in that brief captured moment, I know there is hope in their hearts that tomorrow will bring better tidings.

As a family, we have done our little share to help. On an daily basis I share ways on how to help the victims through various means. The internet offers a stream of fresh ideas on how to reach out and donate every day, it's amazing! But still... I feel like it's never enough. I never feel like what I have done and what I am still doing will ever be sufficient to at alleviate at least a bit of their hardship. But I'm not stopping, because they must not stop hoping too. And whenever I feel 'insufficient', I think of one truth that's undeniable - GOD'S GRACE IS ENOUGH. He will help them triumph through this.

We as a nation, for as long as we continue to work together to aid the victims in getting back on their feet, we can make miracles happen. They have the warmth of hope in their hearts, let's continue to fuel the fire to keep it burning. :)

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