Friday, June 28, 2013

First Week in Nursery : Small Step for K, A Big (Challenging) Leap for the Momma

So... been out of the blogging loop after summer classes... because one week later, it was time naman for the opening of regular classes! At anong petsa na - tapos na ang June ngayon pa lang ako magblog about first week of school. Kalurks lang.

Truth is, I was super excited. Perhaps even more excited than my little one. This is going to be her first time in big school and I'm so thrilled to see how she'd fare. She just turned four last May, and based on her school's regulations, she will be placed in Nursery class since she doesn't have any prior schooling. At first, I was feeling a bit iffy about it since most kids her age are in Kinder --- but, the iffy feeling was short-lived. I knew it was to her advantage too, not having any prior schooling experience means she's not yet used to a regular study schedule, the classroom environment in its entirety, and the overall responsibilities of being a full-pledged student. Placing her in a level with those who do have that may place her in a difficult spot - she'd have to do a LOT of adjustments, and for a 4-year old... well adding more to the load of other adjustments she has to do just doesn't seem healthy.

First day high! Collage made by hubby. :)

So there, first day of Nursery class - we came, we saw, we conquered! Chill na chill lang naman actually since it was basically just 'hello-welcome-to-school' kind of thing. The parents were still allowed inside the classroom for the first two days, so there wasn't a lot of crying bouts. Hubs went on leave for those two days (doting daddy ever!) just to see how her princess will adjust to this new adventure.

And since K does not have any separation anxiety, we didn't have to stay inside the classroom on the second day - we knew she'd get through the two-hour class without even looking for us. :-)

This week though, was the start of regular classes, and while the little girl is still very enthusiastic about school, I was the one having a hard time adjusting. Oh yeah, ako ang windangers and lost sa first week of school.

I am ever the 'wants-to-be-in-control' kind of mom, and turning over the reins of developing my kid to a total (though very qualified) stranger was quite a challenge for me.

The first two days, I asked K what they did in class and she just said "sing kami". Nung first two days ok lang, pero yung days after that "sing and play" pa din sagot ni bagets! I was thinking "Magiging singer na ba ang anak ko after nito?" Hehe. I knew naman that it was part of the kids development, and easing them into the study routine by making it enjoyable. And true naman, mas madaling makaalala ng songs, than magmemorize. Kidding aside, slightly naisip ko lang when they'd start with the 'study' part.

But oh, the study part did come... She was tasked with  her first homework. Very light lang naman, two pages lang. K did a great job with it. I helped her a bit with the gupit-gupit part,  pero yung tracing and writing part, siyempre I let her do that. Did it go super smoothly? Hindi!!! As in no, no, no.

She won't sit in one place, and even reasoned that school's done for the day so she should play. Hayayay. It's not like I was forcing her to do the 'impossible'. Actually yung homework nila, kayang-kaya na nya, tracing, color-color - easy-peasy. So there, that's my biggest challenge ever since school started.

But in all fairness, as of this post's writing, it's almost two weeks na after the first day of class, we're slowly getting the hang of the homework thing.

Yes! Winner talaga itong little princess ko, she's settling into our routine na. When we get home (her class is 12 to 2) by around 2:30pm, rest and eat muna si bagets. Lunch #2 sya palagi kasi rice din ang meryenda nya. Tapos after eating and rest time, homework na kami. During the first two homeworks, talagang one hour or more kami bago makatapos. Now, we can finish assignments for three subjects in more or less 30 minutes. So happy! :) No more pilitan na, and she knows now that when it's assignment time, it also means no TV and no play muna. After our study time, I just let her do what she wants until her sleep time of 8:30pm.

I just realized something though - I have separation anxiety. I do.

Hi, I'm mommy Tin and I have separation anxiety. I linger outside the classroom for just a few seconds more once my little girl gets inside (hanggang sa paalisin na lang ako ng teacher at guard), even if my daughter isn't even looking for me. While waiting for her to finish class, I always have this nagging urge to make silip again sa classroom nya (which I can't do nga kasi bawal. hehe). 

Ayun yon eh. Ako talaga.

My daughter never had crying bouts when it comes to school. In fact, she only cried recently because she so wants to go to school and I didn't want her to because she wasn't feeling well due to coughs and colds. Justified naman di ba? But she really wanted to go to school and even said "Kaya ko naman mama, puhleeese (insert puppy dog eyes here)..."

Hay...but I promise to make the necessary changes to NOT be the clingy mommy that I am... My little girl is sprouting her baby wings, maybe I should learn to start teaching her how to fly, and not keep holding her back.

So there, first week of school kuwento DONE! More school kuwento soon! :)

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