Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Wonder now a Winner!

It's that time of the week again --- yey to weekends! Hope everyone's enjoying the idea of going on a 2-day break. For someone who has worked in the call center industry for almost5 years, trust me when I say that these 2 blessed days are 'sacred'. So make the most of it girl! :-)

Anyway.... I'm just taking a break from my before-I-go-on-weekend-mode work and I'm just posting this to clear the air. May issue? Wala naman.Hehe.

I just wanted my readers to know (bale mga dalawa kayo all in all. hehe) to know that I changed the name of my blog from The Wonder Wahmmy to The Winning Wahmmy because I found out that my soul sister/super friend already bought that domain some time ago and parang feeling ko redundancy ang paggamit ko ng almost same na blog name. :-) And siempre out of respect na din for her.

So in case mapansin nyo ang dati kong watermarks vs the new ones, wag kayong malurka.Ako pa din 'to. :-)

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