Monday, June 3, 2013

Our 2013 Summer School Experience

My sweet little girl just finished her summer classes this year, and this WAHMmy is overjoyed with all that she'd gained out of the experience. K turned four just this May, and we have enrolled her for the upcoming school year (Nursery) at Divine Light Academy, Molino Bacoor Cavite.

Unfortunately, DLA does not have a summer program for incoming nursery students (dapat magkaro'n!), so we decided to sign her up for classes at Villa Cecilia Academy, a school a few minutes away from our place (2500 for a month's worth of summer sessions, free for incoming preschoolers of the school).  All in all, there was about 10 students in their batch.

Her classes started May 6, and even on her first day her excitement at being in a school was already very evident. She was all smiles, and even more so when she found out that KC, (malayong kamag-anak, hubby's side) was also part of this particular class. They're about the same age, with K just 3 months older, and they hit it off really well right at the first hello. As in really well. As in they were inseparable, and were already making 'chismisan' first few minutes into the first day of class. :)

As the days progressed, whenever I peeked at their classroom during the one-hour session, I always see K and KC chatting - which made me a bit worried that my little girl might not learn anything if she'll just talk and play with her seatmate the entire time. But, both girls naman were really attentive to the lessons and were actually two of the most participative kiddos in class. (Yey! Good naman sila pala for each other.)

My K volunteered to do the exercise first. Good job anak!

I liked that their jolly instructor Teacher Rhea had a loud booming voice, she takes 'command' of the room with just one "Good morning class!" She exuded a fun personality, but was also firm and serious when necessary, so the kids followed her instructions. Saktong-sakto lang for little kids who are excited to learn, but still want to play. Hehe.

Teacher Rhea taught them shapes, colors, vowels, phonics, as well as action songs. The latter, K usually shows off at home every day. They have seatwork every now and then, but nothing too difficult, and not too often that the kids would get 'turned off' by it. I would say they had just the right amount of study and play on a daily basis at summer class. :)

Every day, the teacher chooses students who listened, behaved, and participated in class and they were given Very Good ribbons. The first time around, Teacher Rhea gave everyone a ribbon, but the succeeding days, she really gave them only to those who fit the 'requirements'. She said, this way the kids would be encouraged and motivated to pay attention and participate. True enough, the little ones became more 'involved' in the lessons after finding out how they could get the 'coveted ribbon'.

My ever-competitive bagets was all riled up by the challenge. She wanted to get one every day - so she never missed a single session. Akala mo naman may cash prize kasama ng ribbon. Hehe. But, I knew that aside from that achievement, I can see she looks forward to class mainly because she enjoys it.

The school employs a traditional teaching method, which is also the teaching method in DLA. This was just perfect, because personally, I wanted to gauge how K would fare with that kind of teaching method. And basing on how she thrived at summer classes this year, I can say that she will absolutely enjoy learning with whatever teaching method. :)

Photo on top: Kids forming a human vertical line. Photo on lower left: K got three ribbons! Photo on lower right: My little girl and her friend KC. 

Ang yehey ending of this year's summer program? K was recognized as BEST in SUMMER CLASS! :) She got the most ribbons for the entire duration of the summer program, was most attentive and participative too. :) She did have a couple of wrong answers in their assessment - but hey, I wasn't exactly expecting her to be the 'perfect' kind of kid. All I really wanted was for her to learn and enjoy spending time with other kids her age in the classroom - she got that and more - so I am super happy na. :)

Their awarding ceremony at summer school. Proud na proud si bagets with her achievement :)

K's seatwork results for summer class. :) Mighty proud of you baby girl
 We still have to work on her writing skills, and her focusing on one seatwork at a time, but all in all, I think she's super ready na talaga for big school. :)


  1. Really love this post. I hope you can give us an update about your little girl's experience at Divine Light. Thanks! This will be really helpful.

    1. Hi sis Yvonne! :)

      Yes, working on a post now about my experience! :) Thanks for dropping by and so sorry for my 10-years-later reply. :D