Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Cupcake Date at Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe

Last weekend, a friend of ours (let's call her N) brought us to this cupcake place in BF Paranaque called Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe. I've seen it being raved about on Instagram and Facebook, but since its location was quite a drive away, we never got around to going there. And well, I just don't have a sweet tooth so we weren't like super-mega-di-mapakali kind of excited to try it out.

Pero, buti na lang nagyaya ang aming friend na ito. We had to take her car dahil kailangan daw ng sticker to enter the village (sowshal). Win na din for us (tipid gas!). As we were on our way to this place, I saw just how abundant dining options are in this upscale village. As in ang daaamiii ha. Parang gusto kong lumipat ng bahay don just for the dozens of kainan venues over there.

Anyway, when we finally got there (around 8pm), the small parking lot was already packed. According to our friend, that's how it usually is daw pag weekend. We didn't mind naman, because we easily got a parking slot din naman. I liked the cafe's facade immediately, very chic (errrr no picture, but head on over to Our Awesome Planet for a photo. Ganda ng kuha ni sir. :) ).

There was a lot of people when we got inside, pero kumbaga sa traffic, moving naman. So we were able to get a just-vacated seat din agad - divide and conquer lang ang technique. Hubby and I were awed by the pretty selection of cupcakes - hangdaaami! Cupcake prices ranged from 70-90 pesos. Pretty much the same as all other known cupcake places. Fortunately, our friend N advised us on what their bestsellers are - which are Pink Velvet and Toblerone Cheesecake, so we ordered those. Pangalan pa lang dessert na! Since it was our first time, and baka matagalan bago kami makabalik, hubs and I decided to go for drinks too.

Aliw how they serve the cuppies ano? :)

My order: Pink Velvet and Hot Cafe Mocha
Left: Pink Velvet cupcake Right: Hot Cafe Mocha
My verdict: Pink Velvet is their version of Red Velvet. I guess the pink part of this Red Velvet are the pretty sparkly sprinkles on top of the cream cheese. Loved the dainty accent. The taste was ok, it was a bit dry for my taste, but I was relieved that it wasn't too sweet.I really adore the way they serve their cupcakes. A for effort with the cupcake stand! :) 

But ahhh, my friend Sam's homemade red velvets are still the best for me - not because she's my super friend, but because they're moist, tastes rich, and just have the right balance! Larcy's Hot Cafe Mocha is divine. Better than Starbucks' I should say. :) Starbucks is getting more and more commercialized, and it tastes that way too now - lacking in so many ways.

Hubs' order (which I took big bites of. Poor hubby. Hehe.): Toblerone Cheesecake and Iced Mocha
Toblerone Cheesake from Larcy's. Iced Cafe Mocha not in picture.

My verdict: The Toblerone Cheesecake was an absolute delight. No wonder it's their bestseller. It has just the ideal balance of cheesecake goodness with a chocolatey punch. 'twas definitely better than the Pink Velvet. The iced mocha was also really refreshing and delicious too.

The ambiance in Larcy's is quite interesting - all pinks and hearts, so it was quaint and romantic, but not at all intimidating, since the booths and plastic chairs and tables also give it that casual feel. I believe there's a smoking area outside, and a second floor with a function room and more al-fresco seating. I think I am loving the idea of a cupcake decorating party for my little KV! :)
But the question is this: Will I go back to Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe?

Hmmm... if N will take us there again. Hehe. (Sige na friend, date date ulit! :)) But one thing's for sure: we're definitely looking forward to coming back to BF Paranaque to try out all the other foodie destinations there!  :)


  1. How to go there sis? Any landmarks? I want to go try their cupcakes too. My daughter would love it there. And how much are the cupcakes you ordered? Thanks!

    1. Naku sis Brendz, I am not the directions-kind-of-person. Hehe. All I remember is we made a right from Citadella, and then it was all about 10 mins. from there to Larcy's. Gabi kasi nung pumunta kami, and it was my first time in BF Resorts Paranaque so no memory at all kung paano makarating dun. Hehe.

      The Pink Velvet if I remember it right was 75 and the Toblerone Cheesecake was about 80-85 pesos. Drinks were at 100-110. :)

    2. Hahaha. Ganun ba sis? Di bale makakarating din ako dyan isang araw :)

  2. I heard of good reviews too of their cupcakes. Oh I'm such a sweet tooth