Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Need A Drastic Change....

Ok, I have 2000 drafts right now (OA, 2000?), and I haven't even finished half of them. So they would most likely not see the 'light at the end of the dashboard' anytime in the next 24 hours. I feel so guilty, I had so many experiences I could have blogged about, so many thoughts I could have shared. And yet there they are, sitting not-so-pretty anymore in my long queue of to-do's.

So yes, I begin the day with blogging. :)

Writing has always been my release, it has kept me sane throughout my teenage and yuppie years. And now that I'm starting to feel like I'm on edge again, I want to go back to what I love to do most - writing for the sheer love of it.

And I also want to address the fact that I need to change a LOT of things in my life right now. I have become a mom - that crazy creature who tends to put everyone else first before herself - forgetting that before she can truly love making the sacrifice, she must give herself a good dose of lovin' too!

Here are the facets of my life that needs some shaking up:

My over-all look - Ok, I need a makeover. Not a big overhaul because I'm naturally pretty anyway (Chos. Confidence level! :)). But my hair is too long (and too straight, it's boring), my hair color has seen better days, I only have 3 pieces of make-up, and my clothes have not been updated since errr, I can't remember anymore. I know this is going to cost money, so I plan to take it one step at a time. I really want to start with my hair, and I plan to get a digital perm at Beauty Brick (had the most raves online), so I'm saving up for that. As for clothes, I'm not brand-conscious so heading to 168 in Divi is like going on a heady shopping spree for me, more bang for my bucks! :) But the make-up, I know I need help with. I have zilch knowledge about make-up - ok I know face powder helps keep the shiners out, the blush-on to make my cheeks flush, and the lipstick to bring life to my pale ones. That's basically all I know - I have no idea about colors, cover-ups, matte or glossy, foundation, heck I don't even know what a BB cream is. Yes, I am a girl.

My time management skills - I seriously need to work on managing my time. Really. I feel guilty about being so attached to social networking that things get pushed back because it eats up my time. Argh. So yeah, I'm 'dieting' on that (more on real dieting later). A lot is on the line if I don't get my time management act together - family time, study time, me time, work, and eating time (nah, I get to eat in between everything, that's actually something I need to make less time for).

My body - If I had the money (and the courage), ipapa-Belo ko na ito! Pero waley. I'm still trying to find my exercising and diet rhythm, although it seems I don't have any. Hahahaha! I'm not like super fat, but I know I live a very sedentary lifestyle, and I really need to get my fit because I get tired easily --- and clothes don't look good on me anymore. :( I used to love dressing up, but now that I look pudgy when I wear the latest fashion, I just don't anymore. Jeans+shirt=keri na. Hay. This is going to be the hardest part, perhaps even harder than time management because more than commitment, it actually takes a lot of moving around - and I am so tamad to do that. But I must, oh I must!

My blog - Oh yes! Blogging! The drafts must not stay drafts, and this - writing for the sheer love of it - must be done regularly. I'm not going to make promises, but I will exert extra effort to keep this corner of the web bursting with stories.

There I said it! I announced my desires to the viewing public (bale, kayong dalawang pirasong tao - ako yung isa) na nagbabasa ng blog na ito. :) I have reason na to make sure I make good on my 'Drive for Change'.

Wish me luck world! Kayo, what do you think do you need to change?


  1. Good luck,, don't worry your not alone pagdating sa clothes na outdated,, because so do I, and also I only have 3 pieces of make up too.. like u, maybe I also needed a make over, and time management.

    1. Kaya natin 'to sis, time management and mommy makeover for the win! :)