Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Have A Confession to Make: I Went Shopping!

Hand me a hanky to wipe my tears, I just wanted to share that last weekend...I went shopping! Ay oo, kakaibang ligaya mga atey, kakaiba talaga. I don't remember the last time I really 'shopped' - as in yung may mga binili ako for myself at hindi lang naggrocery, or bumili ng gamit ni bagets or ni hubs. Akin talaga, akin... (Oh I still feel dreamy...)

I know some of you out there might think "Ang OA naman nito, nagshopping lang ang saya saya na." E kung ikaw ba naman once-in-a-blue moon mag-shopping di ka matuwa?

Everytime we go to the mall, I always have our household budget in mind - it's like an automated Excel file that pops up in my brain with images telling me the 'needs' and that there is no excess budget for my wants. But, guess what, I can always squeeze in some wants for my daughter and sometimes the hubby too. The premise? Well I find everything cute for my daughter, and that since it's hubby who goes out to work, he needs better clothes and shoes. And, that I can live (and work-from-home) with my old shirts and even older shorts. Hehe.

But, this month, I got the rare opportunity of having a little extra in my budget. Napa-alleluia naman ako. Sabi ko talaga, this is my chance - I must grab it! Grab kung grab talaga ako kaya niyaya ko agad si hubs sa Payless. I've heard of how comfy the shoes are in this store, and kahit alam kong umaatikabong 1000-1500 ang price range ng shoes nila, sabi ko keri lang, isa pair lang naman wala nang mas liligaya pa sa akin. And I heard the quality is good too, and with shoes, I know very well how important it is not to be 'kuripot' with quality.

So after 10 years of choosing (and staring forever at the price tag), I finally decided on two pairs I liked, and I was just debating with myself which one I'm getting. I loved those two pairs. Love talaga, they looked really nice even on my really ugly feet. Kaya lang... kasi naman mga madam, 1450 isang pair. Kung dalawahin ko, 3K na yon - cannot be! Kahit can be, I wouldn't! :) Sayang pambili ng bigas!

As I was mulling over my decision, the saleslady approached me and assisted me with my options. She also mentioned this magical spiel, telling me that they have an ongoing sale, and that if you get two pairs, you get another 10% off each pair. I swear, auto-compute ang head ko nun! Kahit hindi ko nasagot agad ang math question ko that day, na-realize ko just how much of a steal it will be. So iniwan ko ang regular-priced choices ko to search for the sale items.

I found myself a pair of brown wedges, and a pair of really comfy black flats. And I got both pairs at a price of 1327 pesos! Ohhh di ba! Naisip ko kasi, I can't just live on wedges, I need go-to black flats because I have a preschooler who has boundless energy. Thus the choices. I wanted a pink pair, but then I realized I need a neutral pair more than something kikay so... brown and black were the bida kapamilya of my Payless shopping spree. 

And then today, I went shopping again.

Ooops, wag ma-excite. Hindi ito sa bonggang mall. Hindi na branded ang level.

We went to Divisoria to buy Christmas decors - and medyo napadaan ako sa 168 Mall. Gosh, the abundance of clothing options there - heaaaveeen. Swimming ako sa choices. May mga 300 lang, 200...pero ang lola nyo... sa 99 per blouse lang na-attract. I'm a cheapskate like that. E kasi naman, 99 lang! And no, the quality isn't ewwww. Hindi pa naman nakikita yung kaluluwa ko when I wear it. In fact, it was a good enough quality na puede mo na syang ibenta sa mall, just put etiketa on it, and it will pass. As much as I wanted to get all colors of a particular winner design that I found, ay, umiral na naman ang pagka-asawa at nanay ko. I thought of the stuff I wanted to buy pa for the family so....I only ended up with three. Three happily chosen blouses at 99 each! Wagi! Also got jeggings for 200.

So ito ang total ng shopping spree ko:

One pair Wedges and One pair Flats (Payless) - 1327
Three Blouses - 300
1 pair Jeggings - 200
1827.00 only

Oh di baaa! :) Yan na ang bonggang shopping spree ko. After 10 years ulit. :)


  1. You deserve it Ms. Tin. kahit ako man every payday unahin ang grocery. sarap sana if my extra for my wants. kaso wala eh! kaya as moms we deserve a reward and pampering to ourself. kasi wla namang nagbibigay nyan sa atin diva? tayo tayo na lang,,hehehhe

    1. Tama ka absolutely sis sa tayo tayo na lang. :) If hindi mo eeffortan i-reward ang sarili mo, waley. Tulala tayo. Hehe. These are the times I miss being a daughter eh, yung ikaw naman ang reregaluhan at eeffortan. :)

  2. I love reading your blog sis. Ako naman I shop online but I got addicted to preloved stuff and I had to stop kasi napaparami na ang pagbili ko. I want to spend that much one time big time din. :)

  3. Give in to life's vanities once in a while sis! You deserve those. And mura ha! Frugal living dapat lg. :)