Friday, October 18, 2013

Thankful Mornings and MyFitnessPal

I remember making a promise about blogging more and exercising - (almost forgot the exercising part. Hehe.), so here I am.

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Hindi ko pa kaya tumalon ng ganyan. Hehe. 

I just finished doing 10 minutes of at-home Zumba, and it feels so great to get my body moving!  I live such a sedentary life, I feel like chairs are attached to my bum already. And it's not enough to justify it with "I do desk work", it doesn't mean I can't stand up and stretch right? So today, I made sure I get to working on that body makeover resolution thingy.

I've heard of Zumba waaaay before, that it's fun, involves dancing and is generally an enjoyable way to get your dose of exercise in a day. I was like "Oh, I want to try that!" Ayun. Na-try ko na 10 years later. Haha! I've also read about this 10000 steps concept - that it's a habit-forming kind of exercise that you can easily fit into your lifestyle. These two are what I have in mind right now to (hopefully) stick to for the first couple of weeks, and then of course on to other exercises.

To aid my self-imposed 'balik-alindog' program, I also downloaded MyFitnessPal on my Android phone (this technology is magic, grabe). It is a free mobile phone app that is basically a calorie counter and workout diary. It helps you keep track of the food you eat every day, and the amount and kind of exercise you get too. How does it help? Well it makes you conscious for one - mapapa "OMG ganito kadami ang calories ng isang serving ng french fries???" ka na lang, and then you'll realize just how important it is to balance your food intake. I think it would work for me because I hate crash dieting, I think it's more hurtful than helpful because you either limit your food intake, or just consume a specific kind of food, leaving you feeling 'deprived' which is not at all healthy in the long run. So win na win this app for me. Oh and I also downloaded an online pedometer (step counter), but I plan to buy one that I could actually wear. I cannot wear my phone kasi, too big (at ayokong tumambling sya habang nagsusumayaw ako pag Zumba).

So far so good eh? Sana nga maging so far- so tagal din ang commitment ko to exercising and eating right. It's not like I just want to fit into nice clothes, or that I want to wear a swimsuit beautifully, or that I want to look great - I for one, want to FEEL great physically and I know only a balance of both a healthy diet and workouts can give that.

Speaking of feeling great --- I am so overjoyed with matching tumbling-cartwheels sa ligaya because I passed a work-related test yesterday! I didn't get to super study for it dahil sa tambak ng trabaho sa mundo ko, and I just passed by a hair (sakto lang ang grade para pumasa), but OMG, I was super relieved that I did! It's going to be a notch on my 'achievements' belt, and my portfolio especially pag napasa ko na yung second test to get certified. So wish me luck on the next one ok? :)

I was full of positive vibes this morning, so on my Facebook account I posted this:

I used to think to be happy is to have everything you wish for. I realized that if that's your concept for happiness, you'll slide into depression once you don't get what you want, and that you'll keep on wanting even more.

BUT, when your idea of happiness is based on gratitude for what you do have now, and for all that you got before, then even in the face of difficulties you always find the silver lining.

So...for my job, for my God-given clients, for my loving and obedient daughter, for my supportive husband, for the food I eat every day (ng bonggang bongga), for my family's unconditional love, for my few but golden friends whom I always know I can depend on, for the house we get to call our own, for all the bills we have to pay, for all the challenges thrown our way - I am
feeling thankful.

Lakas maka-good vibes/awards night di ba? Ganyan ang bet ko mabasa araw-araw sa newsfeed ko, kaya sinimulan ko with my own Wall. Baka sakaling may mahawa sa pagiging thankful e di dadami ang masaya sa mundo. :) Alam kong maraming hindi ganon mag-isip (which I find weird), na pag super thankful and saya mo sa FB e they'd think you're either faking it or ipokrita ka, pero kemerlu na sa mga taong ganun. 

Share lang tayo ng share ng positive vibes, kayo how did you share your happiness today? :) 

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