Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunting at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park and How It Helped My Shy Kid Bloom

Today we continue another 'tradition' we started last year - Easter Egg Hunting at Island Cove!

I've started reading about easter egg hunts even before my little girl turned one. At that time though, we thought K was too young to take part in one. Last year (2012), K was almost three when Holy Week kicked in, and we decided it was a good time to try the Easter egg hunting activity for her. 

the gaily-decorated stage last year

When we arrived at the venue, we were pleasantly surprised that it was a big, open-air hall (Cavite Hall) - just the right size to accommodate the li'l 'egg hunters' and their parents. Island Cove has different conference halls and event venues, whether you're hosting a formal party or a casual get-together, and Cavite Hall was just perfect for dynamic activities such as the Easter Egg Hunt.

They had an egg painting activity to kick-start the event, and my little girl gamely joined it, even if it was mainly participated in by bigger kids. We saw it as a wonderful opportunity to socialize and get over her shyness.

The main egg hunt game was done shortly after the painting activity. It was conducted in the open area/garden beside Cavite Hall. Kids were divided into two groups - the 3-6 year-olds and the 7-12 year-olds. Ideally, the 'maze' was also divided into two sections, so that the younger kids don't have to compete with the older ones in finding the eggs. Unfortunately, this wasn't efficiently managed by Island Cove team, and most of the smaller ones ended up without any 'eggs'. Parents are also not allowed inside the venue, so my little K was left to fend for herself for about 10 minutes. There were guides and chaperones in the maze.

Left: the egg painting activity Right: K and the one egg she got during the hunt. :)

At first I felt a surge of worry that she'd trip and fall. Or that she'd get lost. Or that she'd throw a tantrum and cry. But to my surprise, she displayed enthusiasm and courage even as we were lining up to get inside the maze. Seeing her excited face as a she ran inside the maze was a proud and precious moment for both me and hubby.

10 minutes before the maze was about to end, parents were allowed to go inside, and when I caught up to my little darling, I saw how happy she was even if she only had a single egg (which by the way was just handed to her by an Island Cove staff while she was running around the maze. Natuwa siguro sa kanya. Hehe.).

So no, we didn't win the egg hunt at all, but I saw my shy baby starting to bloom into a cute and brave  little girl. That in itself was first prize for me. <3

This year, we're taking part in Island Cove's Easter Egg Hunt event again. We wanted to try another venue in Makati or Taguig, but due to unforeseen medical circumstances for the family, we had to settle for the nearest one to us - Island Cove. :) And just like the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt, our eyes are really set on not seeing the little one win prizes, but on watching her 'spread her wings and fly'.

Will definitely blog about this year's Easter Egg Hunt soon as I can! We're so excited!

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