Saturday, March 23, 2013

Little Kulit and her ballet friends

For the past Saturdays since February, an hour of Saturday is dedicated to leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. We make it a point that we get to take her to each and every one, because we can easily gauge how her session went by the expression on her face the minute she's out the door.

So far, she's always had a happy face after, and was even more excited for the next session. Parents aren't usually allowed inside when the class is on-going, but there was a couple of times that I got to observe along with moms of other kids whose kids were on their first day. (In short, nakisingit ako.Hehe.)

The girls today. :) They're usually just four in a class, but there were new girls today who had their first class. On the next session, they'd be divided na into two classes. :) 

For the first couple of sessions, K was still a bit shy around the other girls, although she did look at them and smiled. Today was her fifth session, and I wasn't supposed to go in until she peeked out during their break time and said "Mama, picture me". Turns out there were parents inside (of the new girls), and they were taking photos of their kids. (Nainggit ata si bagets)

And my, my, my, was I surprised! I already know her ballet 'skills' since she dances ballet at home, every single day - BUT what I wasn't aware of was how she had gelled with her classmates. They were whispering, giggling, and jumping around together like a little barkada. Tsismisan mode pa!

It was just a great relief to know she's getting along well with other kids. She used to be really, really shy around other people, even kids her age. But seeing as to how she's interacting with her new ballet friends, we can breathe easy now.

Or not. I'm afraid we might get called upon by the adviser because she'd turn out to be too talkative in class. Oh no. But I'd cross the bridge when we get there. For the meantime, I'd just let her enjoy the giggles, and just remind her to still behave and listen to teacher. She's a kid after all - I'll let her be one.  :)

(Promise to post more comprehensive info on her ballet sessions soon. :))

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