Monday, March 18, 2013

Not so good news on a Monday morning...and I'm still smiling.

If there's one thing I learned about working from home in the past three years, it's that the old adage of "The only thing permanent is change" holds 100% true most especially in the world of online employment.

Unlike having a job in a regular office, working freelance means not having any 'security of tenure'. Despite and in spite of agreements and so-called contracts, you really never know when your boss' need for you will expire. It can be any given day really.

This morning, I found out that my local assignments are 'on the rocks' because of some issues within the company - uh oh. I was actually counting on the success of those campaigns, since I had just began to take on local clients. If it does well, it will bode an exciting new direction for me. BUT, hmmmm, there's only so much that I have control over, and it doesn't include having the power to affect corporate decisions made by the bosses.

Getting this kind of news on a Monday morning - definitely anti-climactic after such a great weekend. But, the world does not fall apart today. Oh yes, this would mean lesser income for this wonder wahmmy. And oh yes, this also means I need to be on the prowl again for new clients (local or through oDesk). But it also means I'll get to dedicate a bit more time for my family, and that's always good right?

Working online means always being ready for things like this happening. It's always best to maintain at least two to three part-time (or one full-time and one part-time) contracts so if one or two ends out of the blue, you're not left hanging with nothing. Take on jobs that you know you can efficiently manage though, you wouldn't want to give just 50% effort for an employer who definitely deserves 100%.

It also helps to keep a positive perspective on things. Like in this case, a door closes, you check out the other windows - they've been there all along anyway, all you need to do is open them. And keep in mind that  online employment, like the rest of 'real life', will keep throwing you lemons - so you either learn to catch them and make lemonade, or you stumble and fall with each and every one that gets hurled at you.

Happy Monday everyone! Start the week with a smile - even if life gives you reasons not to. :)

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