Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday and Sacrifices

Holy Week in the Philippines I believe, is becoming less and less 'holy'. Well, if you'd consider being preoccupied with thoughts of the beach, road trips, and chillin' a spiritual experience - then maybe I'm mistaken.

I personally am not religious at all. So is my family. I grew up not having gone on a visita iglesia, we didn't do novenas either. But I do remember staying home during Holy Week, being 'deprived' of fastfood, TV, gadgets, and spending some time praying.

I used to think my mom was just being KJ. All my friends were out with their families, while we sulked at home doing nothing.

Today, the Filipino nation is commemorating a magnanimous act in Catholic history. Today is Good Friday, and Catholics remember the day of Jesus' journey to Calvary, and how and why He died on the cross. Even if you're not of the same religion, just the story of this big sacrifice can move one to understand just how all-encompassing LOVE can really be.

And really, it doesn't take a trip to some historical church to look back on this. What it does require though is TIME and COMMITMENT. You dedicate a portion of your day to reflect on what God had given you, even after He had given His life. You  look into why He had done this - and what it means to you as a Christian - and as a son or daughter.  You set aside the day's wants, the day's itineraries - you just sit down and talk to your Father in Heaven who had given you so much, and never ceases to make the biggest of sacrifices for you.

You think of your very own parents who had done the same for you ever since you were born. You think of your own role as parent, and the sacrifices you have made and are willing to make for your own child/children. You can also spend the day reading stories about love to your kids.

Today can be the day you went on a road trip to Baguio, or the day you spent some time relaxing at the beach - or this could be the day you made a little sacrifice for Jesus Christ - just by dedicating your day to spending time with Him.

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