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10 Tips On How To Keep The Kids Happy During Summer Season the Tipid Way

I miss my 'old school' anticipation of the summer season. Yung feeling ng isang estudyante na mapapahinga ng 2 1/2 months - that was pure excitement, if not definite relief.

Now that I'm a work-from-home mom, summer has become a 'must-fill-the-calendar-with-activities' kind of season. With K going to school in June, I want to pack her summer with things she can enjoy 'while it lasts' - stuff she wouldn't be able to do as much when she starts regular schooling.

I'm pretty sure moms all over the Philippine archipelago are also racking their brains for summer activities that their kids can enjoy. Here are some ideas I've gathered from the web, and some I just came up with out of personal innovation aka boredom (hehe).

1. Staycation/playcation experience galore.

While going out of town and checking in at hotels are a splendid idea, they're not actually pocket-friendly. Just an overnight stay at Tagaytay will cost you somewhere around 1500+++, and that's a rate of relatively basic (as in tulugan lang) kind of inns. And of course you have to figure in transportation, food, and gala costs. Even staying at nearby hotels in your area will cost thousands.

What to do? Set up your spare room or even your master's bedroom like a 'hotel room' - complete with 'complimentary' snacks and treats. Let the little ones order dinner via 'room service' (that's actually momma-service). Put up your kiddos' inflatable pool and let them enjoy some night swimming. Prepare a buffet breakfast for your guests. Make sure to include their favorites! :)

 2.Have weekly movie nights. You can take your kids out to catch the latest animated hit, but then there
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aren't enough of them showing for you to actually do that more than twice in a month. Why not grab a copy of their preferred animated films in DVD and set a particular day in the week for movie night? You can complete the experience by cooking some popcorn (busy mommy? buy the ready-to-eat versions instead. :)) and preparing fruit juices or smoothies. You can even conduct a quick trivia game before or after the movie, and give out prizes too. Double the fun! :)

3. Gather leftover items like milk cartons, loose beads and buttons, art paper, scrapbook paper, and other school stuff and do arts and crafts sessions. Little ones love to tinker with things. Let them manifest their tinkering desires in a creative manner through arts and crafts activities. There are a looooot of tutorials on the web for arts and crafts ideas that you can easily implement with younger kids. Go for the uncomplicated ones that they can actually do on their own. :)

4. Backyard or even indoor camping is an exciting idea! Kids love little adventures. There are numerous outdoor venues for camping, but they're always a drive away from home. Well, you can actually make your own summer camping experience at home! Set up your tent in the backyard, or make some space in your living room for it. Don't have a tent? You can always have a makeshift one with chairs and blankets - you know, the 'old school' way. :)  Tell scary or funny stories with only a flashlight as your lighting source. Have a little treasure hunt too! Just make sure to keep pointed objects and dangerous corners out of the trail.

5. Get the kids involved in a little 'project'. It can be anything from getting their room cleaned up to putting up a food stall by your gate. Let their inner entrepreneur shine by having them help you in selling favorite summer treats like halo-halo, ice candy, or fruit shakes.

6. Want to satisfy their craving for coolers? Make homemade popsicles with the kids! There are loads of easy-to-follow tutorials over here.

7. Load up on pretend play stories that you can act out. Instead of reading them their favorite storybook tales, you can try putting up a mini stage play! Make it a short 3-5 minute skit, it will be best if you have costumes too. If not, you can make do with just head-dresses that would set each character apart.

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8. Organize play dates with neighbors or friends at their homes. The play date host can sponsor the food, and the guest parents can come up with activities for the kids.  This way, you and the little ones still get to get a change of environment, a dose of playtime, and social interaction with other kids.

9. Sign them up to a summer class sponsored by your village association or the barangay officials. Not all subdivisions or barangays in the Philippines may have this (unfortunately.), but you can always pitch the idea to them. If your area has these kinds of initiatives, then by all means, take advantage of them. Private sports camps or enrichment activities usually cost no less than an thousand pesos while government or village sponsored ones are normally less expensive (some are even conducted for free!).

10. Teach them to share and care with and for the less fortunate little ones by teaching them how to save their summer allowance for a charitable event that they can 'head', gathering old clothes and toys to give away, or organizing a mini-picnic for them in your area. You can work with your neighbors so you can come up with a more extensive event this summer. This may not be the most tipid idea of the bunch, but it will definitely help your child appreciate what they have and allow them to learn about sharing and caring for others too.

How about local summer lessons? Well they cost a bit more than the tipid ideas above, but structured lessons are an amazing way of keeping them occupied while learning at the same time. Galileo and Kumon are great enrichment classes for those who want some academic improvements over the summer. Kindermusik, Gymboree classes, and toddler sessions are just some of the awesome choices for younger kids. The Smart Parenting website has a comprehensive list over here.

Happy summer planning mommies!

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