Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Na Talaga!!!

For those who live in the Philippines, I'm sure I don't even need to reiterate this - ANG INIIIIIT!!!

From what I heard in the news, for the past couple of weeks, the temperature has peaked to the highs of 40 degrees centigrade - 40 degrees!!! That's already a very high fever - it's crazy. But since we can't actually put Kool-Fever on the weather to help it simmer down to a more hospitable temperature, we all have to find ways to keep ourselves fresh.

This mommy is having a hard time keeping up with the need for airconditioning (mahabag po tayo sa nagbabayad ng Meralco bill! <--- kami yon ni hubby), but everyone in the household seem to find this as the best solution to the feverish days and nights. But while it is instantly refreshing, it's not at all 'fun' to just stay inside an airconditioned room, especially for the little ones.

So, I decided to bring out our huge (kung maka-huge ako akala mo super laki. hehe, Intex inflatable pool and let my K enjoy the summer season swimming right in the comforts of our own garage. :) I joined her for a few minutes, and so did her tito, and then later on her yaya, and then much later on our baby neighbors - short of saying she had loooads of fun! The pool was big enough for all of us to comfortably 'lounge' in, and for the little ones to 'swim around'.

We do plan to go to a resort or (hopefully) a beach this summer, but since our finances aren't really ideal for a summer vacay right at this moment (hello first time enrollment blues), we have to enjoy what we have. :-)

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