Tuesday, April 30, 2013

K, My Li'l Ballerina

When I was a little kid, I really loved singing. I belted out Whitney Houston songs, and in all fairness, nasa tono naman ako (may matching kulot-kulot pa nga sa notes ah!). But, I never got to take voice lessons - to my disappointment. :( I don't think it was because we couldn't afford it, but my parents just weren't the kind of people who thought 'enriching a talent' is essential. I grew up shy, and never really 'got out of the closet' even until now that I'm already a mom, I still find it hard to initiate conversations with otherwise friendly strangers. I love my parents, I really do, but there's a part of me wishing they had me take some kind of enrichment lesson when I was a kid - I'm sure it would have helped me ease out of my shyness.

Anyways, now that I have my own little girl, who also happens to be quite shy (like Mama), I am taking all the little steps that I can to coax her out of shell. And I'm so thankful to observe that my efforts are so far, successful! :)

I started out by enrolling her to summer class last year, and then later on I regularly bring her to play areas so she can get used to interacting with other kids. Would have loved to enroll her at a playschool - pero hindi ata uso dito sa area namin - I haven't found one to date. :) She no longer hides behind my back when she encounters another kid, and she gamely plays with any little one when one approaches her...so yey! Success!

In the past year though, my little K had displayed a fondness for dancing ballet. I found it surprising since 1. She doesn't watch any ballerina cartoon (like Angelina ballerina) 2. She's a three year-old. :) I was kinda expecting her to relate more to pop tunes and modern dance. Hehe.

As in while every other kid is doing the 'dougie' or 'gangnam style' she liked twirling on her tippy toes and arching her back with matching arm sweeps. I think she may have watched a real ballet show on TV a couple of times, and ever since then, she can't stop doing the 'ballet-ballet'. :) There was even this one time when we attended the Pasinaya 2013 (a whole-day series of cultural shows in CCP), and her eyes were glued to the stage when the dancers of Ballet Philippines started performing. She was in complete awe.

So, hubby and I decided that this year, we will enroll her for ballet class to indulge our little dancer. And not that I'm justifying this expense (it's quite pricey), but it felt right to actually enroll her for something she enjoys, and not just because ballet is cute. :) We've actually heard a couple of snide remarks from errr, not-so-enthusiastic people around us that it's a waste of money at wag daw pilitin ang bata.

Well just to spite those 'unsavory individuals', K actually hopped and cheered on her first day at ballet class. So I doubt she felt 'pressured' or napilit lang. She was a bit scared to try the exercises though, and still a bit shy toward the teacher on her first try. Balancing was a challenge (it still is for me at 28 - so imagine how it is for a three year-old). But on her 2nd and succeeding sessions, she was having so much fun she doesn't want to leave the studio! :)

Here are some snapshots of her in the studio. Parents are only allowed inside on the kid's first session. I was only allowed admittance again when K ad a session after a week of sickness (remember that UTI post?), since I wanted to make sure that she doesn't get over-exhausted during the session. 

First day. 1 on 1 with teacher since her classmates weren't in yet. :) Mukha pang scared.

Succeeding sessions. :)

Here are the great stuff little K got from her 12 sessions of ballet classes:

1. She's better at socializing. She made fast friends with her ballet classmates. I even caught them making 'chismis' one time na sumilip ako sa class nila. Keisha was whispering to another little girl's ear. I asked her after the class what she was telling her classmate and she said they were talking about the prize teacher will give after their session. :) My once-shy little girl is now blossoming into a very sociable preschooler.

2. Physically, I noticed that she now has a more confident stance, not always slouching na when she's standing up.

3. Her movements are also a bit more graceful, and she has better balance na. She even does their ballet exercises at home, with matching chant that she learned from class. Her favorite? "Nice toes, ugly toes, nice toes, ugly toes" which is the exercise they do to 'point their toes' while they are seated with their legs outstretched. She twirls and twirls like crazy at home, and dances ballet when she's not busy playing.

4. Little K has also learned to listen attentively to instructions, and focus focus focus. When we do our study sessions at home kasi she tends to get distracted easily. Pero when she started taking ballet lessons, it was easier for her to do 'seatwork' for 15-30 minutes.

5. She found herself a passion. She really likes dancing ballet, I see it in the way she moves. And the fact that she's always showing off what she learned from class to us and her grannies. :)

Her one-hour sessions were held at the Lea De Castro Music Studio in Las Pinas. She went on 12 sessions, and we paid around 3750 (ballet outfit not included. We didn't buy it from the studio, although they have it available at 1750 for an entire set).

K is on ballet break now so she can attend summer classes naman in preparation for school (sya na ang hectic ang schedule). But if she still insists to attend ballet classes (as she tells us so everyday), and kung kakayanin nya, then we will have her continue weekend sessions for the coming school year.

I believe in nurturing a child's interest and talent. I believe this will help boost their self-esteem and give them a positive outlook in life - to be a go-getter, to not be afraid to be what they want to be. Enrolling her to ballet class at an early age was just our first step of supporting her, but if this is something she intends to pursue further in the coming years, then by hook or by crook we will find the means to support her. :)

Here's to Wonder Mommies who let their children shine! :)


  1. awww... she definitely looks cute in her pink tutu... :P