Saturday, April 27, 2013

Active Fun - Unli-Enjoyment! :)

When I was a kid, I remember going to Glico's in Megamall - it was a wonderland of sparkling lights, rides, and game stations! Hindi ko maalala kung may Star City na noon, but that trip to Glico's is what really got embedded in my mind for some reason. We didn't really go to play places that much when I was a kid, so I guess when we did go to one, my brain made sure to 'record' the rare moment for future reference. :)

With my little girl though, I make sure that we get to regularly visit play areas. She doesn't have playmates here who are her age, so we see it as an opportunity to get to socialize with other kids. In the malls we usually go to, the play places are normally really kid-friendly, with lots of toys, a ball pool, and a slide - prerequisites of any kid for a place of enjoyment. :)

Personally, I prefer that K gets to enjoy the 'bigger' play places every once in a while. The ones where she can get to run, climb, crawl - be active. Na-pamper kasi 'to masyado kaya medyo 'mahina ang tuhod'. We're afraid she might trip and fall (which actually happened a couple times already despite our super ingat) and hurt herself...forgetting that tripping and falling are actually part of growing up. Hay, paranoid mom everloo kasi.

Anyways, I'm now warming up to the idea of active play. But since I want to ease her into it, I wanted sana for her to it still in a secure and relatively 'safe' area ---- and then there came the Metrodeal and Ensogo deals for Active Fun! :) For 175.00, my little darling will get to enjoy unlimited hours of playtime plus a serving of popcorn and juice (which turned out to be super konti., pero ok lang din.) at their branch in Bonifacio High St., which is new, clean, and occupies an entire building! Coolness.

So a couple of Fridays ago, my family, along with hubby's two pamangkins, trooped to the breezy relaxing strip on Bonifacio High St. The little girl was super excited! :)

Photo from

Then there I was, in awe of such a huge place dedicated to active play - probinsiyana mode lang. Hehe. Up we went the colorful, gaily-painted winding ramp (it was more fun going through that than using the elevator, at least the first time around) to the second floor where the play area was. That was the only time we got to actually take pictures - because the rest went down on playtime history :)

Here are a couple of shots we took on our 'trip on the ramp':

K and her cousins. :)

Can't resist the photo op. Hehe.

This is the sight that greeted us when we came into the building!

Photo from the Active Fun Facebook page.

Imagine, four stories of active play sections! I was in awe, promise - and the kids were ecstatic. On the day we went there (a Friday afternoon), it was super crowded. I'm guessing it's because kids are already enjoying their summer vacay, and there were a lot of moms like me whose vouchers are nearing expiration. Harhar. According to our yaya Helen though, it wasn't masikip inside the play area - the kids were still able to comfortably enjoy the various play sections. :) That was good news, because the little ones actually spent like four and a half hours there. I also felt confident that my daughter would be safe from bruises and bumps as the area was completely padded, and there were a lot of Active Fun attendants who watch out for the kids inside the entire 'complex'.

Admission rate on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) is at 175 for an hour, and 325 for unlimited play. It becomes 195 and 375 respectively from Fridays to Sundays. There's also a fee for the companion/accompanying adult at 125.

We took a break to have dinner at the nearest chicken resto (we had kids, their minds were made up on having chicken. :)), and hubby's nephew Gelo, who's already 10 asked us when we're coming back. I told him we were just taking a break and will be back for another hour of play before Active Fun closes. He was thrilled, and said what he wanted to know was when we'll be coming back again after that day. Kumusta naman, hindi pa umaalis bumabalik na? :-) And here I was thinking he might not enjoy it 'coz he's a big kid na....

And of course, my K was also very very happy. We had dessert and coffee at Slice (review through another post) to cap off such a wonderful night, and she got to play at the fountain and blow bubbles with a kiddo she met. :)

Overall, it was truly a day of unli-fun! Will definitely be going back there! <3


  1. I love huge play places for kids. It really helps them expend all that extra puppy energy apart from strengthening their bones. Tulog na tulog afterwards! heehee