Friday, April 12, 2013

Swimming In Deadlines and Dreaming of Milk Tea

This week is 'hell week' - one of the few in this month that I'm actually swamped with writing work. It's actually a Yey! kind of situation because it means more kaching-kaching for this naloloka-na-sa-bills-to-pay mom. But I'm on edge often because my brains are fried, more of stir-fried from having to produce articles for like 16 hours every day since the weekend. Still love my job though. <3

So while I'm contemplating how to 'attack' the next set of 400 words to work on, I'm here (blogging.hehe, ano pa nga ba?), and dreaming of going back to this local milk tea place we've been frequenting - ProsperiTea

ProsperiTea along Covelandia Road in Binakayan, Kawit Cavite. Photo is from their FB page.

While we do go to Makati, Alabang, and MOA to shop or dine (mas madalas yung window-shop lang. hehe), we still find the convenience of going to ProsperiTea a definite plus if we really just want a quick break or some time away from home. It's just a 10-15 minutes drive from where we live, and we normally go during non-peak hours (of traffic) in Bacoor.

ProsperiTea is located along Covelandia Road leading to Binakayan Cavite, you can also find Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park along this road. It's really just a small milk tea place situated in a quiet commercial strip by the roadside - and hubby and I had fallen in love with their drinks.

The first drink I've tried from ProsperiTea is their Dark Choco with RSC (Rock Salt & Cheese), and though I haven't tasted Happy Lemon's at that time, their version already found a place in my heart, and my appetite. Hehe. Theirs wasn't as rich as HL's, but I find that a plus actually, since I wasn't 'overwhelmed' by it and was able to enjoy each and every sip. Their Wintermelon Milk Tea is also very refreshing, it's hubby's favorite. To date, my fave is their Matcha Green Tea with RSC and red beans as sinkers, at 50% sweetness. I find it just the perfect mix of flavors (drooling right now just thinking of it. hehe).

photo from ProsperiTea's Facebook page

I've also tried their hot tea drinks, and it was a pleasant discovery that theirs was actually more tea than flavorings-of-whatever-kind.I take my hot drinks seriously, like coffee, I prefer them tasting as close to 'basic' as possible. Minsan kasi, the mixes and what-nots drastically change the taste, hindi mo na alam kung kape or tsaa ba talaga yung iniinom mo.

Their drinks as well as most food items are also reasonably priced (love their Sharksfin Dumplings!), though the pasta selections are a bit on the pricey side, I haven't tried them yet so I couldn't really say if it's overpriced or if it's worth it. :)

Their place in Binakayan is actually quite small, given that they are really frequented by loyal customers (that says a lot about how good their drinks are, kasi they're not really on a 'major' road). But thankfully most of the time na pumupunta kami, hindi naman crowded. I also like that they have a comfortable sofa aside from the wooden chairs, and that their electric outlets are easily accessible. For a work-at-home mom like me who wants a change of scenery while working - this is a must-have in a resto/cafe! Oh, and not to mention their wiFi connection is really fast. And they have also recently installed a new airconditioning system in time for summer - so ProsperiTea is one of the few places you can literally 'chill' in this season. :) Seryoso, ang lamig. Lalo na pag konti lang ang tao, 'brrrrr' moments talaga.

Oooops, this daydreaming session about milk tea has gone too far - I need to go back to work. Time is gold! :) To those who live on our side of the South, do try out ProsperiTea. They also have another branch in Imus.

*this is so not a sponsored post. I just really love their drinks. :)

Here's a collage of mine and hubs' milk tea dates at our new 'place-to-be' whenever we want a relaxing drink.

Us at ProsperiTea

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