Monday, April 15, 2013

Mobile blogging is worth a try

The wonders of technology has so easily transformed how people do things.

Back in the day, photo sharing meant showing off your fresh-from-the-bookstore photo albums. And sending a message was all about writing letters in scented or cute stationeries and sending them via snail mail. Oh yeah, I lived in a generation that did all that. I think it's such an enriching experience to have known and been in a time when words were not mere digital letters.

Now with technology ever in flux and moving towards mobile avenues, writing and blogging seems to be taking the same turn. While I certainly enjoy working on my trusty netbook, I'm curious as to how it must be to be 'writing' on a mobile device.

And since internet connection and the ability to make and edit articles is my main 'game plan' I decided to invest in it by means of getting a mobile device and a data plan. This way I could check my emails, reply to them immediately, make google docs and get to edit them too without bringing a bulky laptop, a dongle, and a digicam (can't leave home without it. Now I can! :-))

Let's see how this all turns out. By the way this post was written via said 'investment phone'. Coolness. :-)


  1. Coolness! :D I love how this techie age has really revolutionized almost everything. Smartphones can do so much and I never thought I'd join the bandwagon, especially with Instagram, Twitter, etc. XD One thing I think I won't easily be able to do though is mobile blogging. My posts are usually lengthy and I manually code photos too through html, so doing those on mobile might not be for me.. :(

    1. Hi sis! Let me gush first ---- thank you for taking time to comment on my post...I follow your blog and I drool at your photos - I think you have some of the best food photos/shots on the blogosphere! :)

      I also figured after finishing this post that mobile blogging is pretty much text-friendly only - so I think it would only work for short 'napadaan-lang' kind of posts. :D Anything more complex than that would most likely not work.

      Smartphones are amazing - umabot na ng 5 ang Iphone (may bago na nga ata), at ngayon ko pa lang sya naeexperience. Hahahaha! It's fun though, and I get to enjoy my favorite blogs (including yours!) through my phone now. No more dull moments even on my alone time! :)

  2. I actually blog from my smartphone too, so yey for unlimited data plans! But yeah, mostly just text posts, or maybe the occasional Instagram photo. Lol. So convenient, right? You really gotta love today's technology. :D

    1. Hi sis blackshirt13!

      My data plan leaves much to be desired though, so I hope madamay na rin sya sa LTE upgrade ng SMART (I'm using SUN, it's good in most areas, but still patchy in some). Pero decent enough naman that I can use it when I need it. :)

      Totally agree, technology is sooo changing the way the world works!