Thursday, April 25, 2013

WAHM-hood: The Great Expectations

Quote picked up from tumblr. Don't let the picture in your head block your view of reality! :)
There's this awesome book I used to read when I was pregnant - it was entitled "What to Expect When You're Expecting". It provided me in amazing detail, and in easy-to-understand terms what to look forward to in all aspects of pregnancy.

How I wish there's such a book for those who are planning to embark on the WAHM-hood journey...  Because I remember, about 3 years ago, I was literally groping my way in the dark when I started my 'quest' to becoming a work-at-home-mom.

Now that I could say I am well on my way to making a 'career' out of being a WAHM, I'd like to share some of the things that YOU, my fellow mom who wants to earn by working from home, can expect:

  1. It's NOT going to be easy.  Sure, working from home sounds like bliss. I mean just the symmetry of words invoke images of non-stressful days. But truth is, right from the get-go, working from home is NOT easy. There's the matter of finding out where and how to start. There will be a lot of adjustments, especially if you're coming from a corporate career. Sacrifices will also have to be made. You'd have to start from square ONE - and a 'reboot' of one's work lifestyle, is never easy. 
  2. You have to take it slow, and make one steady step at a time. Starting out a WAHM career means making conscious effort to make things happen. Things will not just 'unfold' because you want them to, you really have to take action - and you have to be patient in waiting for the results. This applies especially to applying for jobs, especially on online platforms like oDesk and Elance. Some get lucky and snag a job right away, some wait for months (just like me), before they are able to land some work. The key to making it through the motions, is by never 'giving up' on hoping - and by ensuring that you keep on moving. Improve your profile, read read read and acquire new skills.
  3. At first, your earnings will leave much to be desired. If you want to be a WAHM in the hopes of getting a pay raise right away, then better lower your expectations NOW. There's the matter of finding a stable online job, and then there's finding a stable online job that pays well. Both takes some time. And by time, I can't say just how long. At first, you might feel like you may have made the wrong decision of leaving your regular-paying job. Trust me, it happens. :)  In my case, I waited about 3-4 months before I was able to demand a higher hourly rate from prospective clients. I had to establish good feedback first, and a steady and competent portfolio of online jobs first. From my starting rate though, my current asking price (hourly) is now more than triple. 
  4.  Your schedule will be chaotic. For moms like me, schedules are more or less always erratic anyway - but when you become a WAHM, you have to figure your mom schedule along with work, wife, and me time schedules. Plotting your timetable will actually be more toxic than when you had a regular work schedule. Being at home gives your mind the pressure of being able to do more than what your time or body actually allows you to. Working it out takes some practice, but it's definitely not impossible. 
  5. A lot of things will take conscious effort. From your work to-do list, to scheduling play and study time, to squeezing in grocery shopping and some precious me time, more of the things you used to do within your schedule becomes a 'chore' that has to be 'penciled in' way in advance. When I was still in the corporate world, I could easily enjoy some 'me' time after work or during vacation leaves - now that I can't take a VL or SL - everything I have to do pretty much blends in - and it's a bit chaotic when I don't get my OC on. Hehe. Most WAHMs actually find themselves lacking in QT with their partners or their kids, and even have a notable shortage of 'me time' simply because they try to always do whatever they can do whenever they're awake (sleep becomes an 'option' too, not a necessity. In short, puyaters everloo). 

So to all aspiring WAHMmies out there, here's to setting the right expectations about what you'd be getting yourself into. Did it sound all that bad? Well it shouldn't! :) Because the truth is, despite all that, becoming a work-at-home-mom is still verrrry much worth the hard work.

So, go lang ng go! WAHM-hood is love! :)


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