Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt and Why Family Events Are Best Shared

I had such a sad night yesterday, I actually broke down in tears. It's been a long time since I've had a major 'crayola' moment... But as always, tears, sadness, frustration - they are cathartic emotions for me, they motivate me to do something good and productive to take my mind off the nega feelings.

...and they make me want to look back at good times and happy moments, just like the previous Sunday's Easter Egg Hunt and Hat Decorating Contest at Island Cove

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, this year is a repeat performance of doing the hunt at Island Cove. We were actually planning to sign up to either Rockwell's or Active Fun's (High St.), unfortunately, unexpected circumstances that occurred during the Holy Week had to be taken in consideration. And yeah, we were looking for something mura pero masaya pa din. Hehe.

The ticket cost for Island Cove's 2013 Easter Egg Hunt was still at 200 pesos (wooohoo!), which is considerably cheaper than those at Manila venues. And of course, the place is just a convenient 15-minute drive from our house. Tipid sa gas.

Cavite Hall during the Easter Egg Hunt 2013

The event starts at 9, and we came in like 15 minutes late, thankfully it hadn't started yet. It was held in Cavite Hall. Salamat naman, that it wasn't crowded inside so the kiddos and their companions were able to comfortably go around the place. Stalls of sponsors were on the left corner of the venue, and were noticeably fewer than last year's - there were only two actually compared to 2012's four or five stalls.

After going through registration, K and I went straight to the front part of the venue where the kids were gathered for the Hat Decorating contest.

We had to put together stuff from a general table where the craft supplies were laid out (not in organized kits), and major agawan portion kasi there were other kids din like K who did not get the privilege of an organized kit.  I honestly have no idea why Island Cove does this. :(

Anyway, bitter feelings aside, I seated my darling K on a front table and gave her a couple of pieces of cartolina, scissors, scotch tape, some ribbon strands, and some yellow yarn. Of course K didn't get to finish her hat (she just doodled on it), so her Dad just made a cone one for her. I was actually expecting it to be a hat decorating contest - not a hat making contest. Magkaiba kaya 'yon, the latter takes more effort, especially for the younger ones. Though my little girl didn't win the contest, she enjoyed parading around what she called her 'princess hat'. Kids, they always see the silver lining in everything. :)

After the hat-making thingy, there were a couple of games. Fewer than last year's definitely for some odd reason. The Easter Egg Hunt proper came next. Kids were divided into two categories, the 3-6 year-olds and then the 7-12 year-olds.

...and off they went running to find the Easter eggs! :) Weird lang, kinabahan pa din ako for K when she was out of my sight na. I was so nervous na baka madapa sya, mabagok, ma-whatever - there were a lot of ushers naman inside the hunt area, but the ever paranoid me just had too many fears. 10 minutes before the hunt ended, they let the parents in - and my did I run to find her! Loka-loka lang. Hehe. She saw me first and smiled at me...and then went to her Dad. Daddy's girl talaga. K got ONE egg! <3 She was so ecstatic she got one, it was gold so she really thought she got something precious.

The event was over by around quarter to 12pm, and we got three lootbags (we actually have three tickets, but since the two kids na dapat kasama namin didn't show up, we just claimed na lang the lootbags). Each one was filled with snacks from their sponsors - Rebisco choco chip cookes, Jack n Jill goodies, Trolli gummies, OMJ juice, and a bunch more of other snack treats. K was so happy to have three bags filled with her favorite snacks! :)
Her lolo and lola felt really happy to see their only apo running around so independent and confident, no tantrums at all! :) See they're not really big on events like these, I never got to go on Easter Egg hunts or Halloween parties when I was younger (may ganun na ba noon?hmmm...) - they're not into the socialization kind of stuff talaga. But, for their apo, they'd enjoy anything. Classic love of grandparents. :)

We had lunch at Countryside Steakhouse along the road leading to Island Cove (Covelandia Road). They serve delicious and affordable sizzling meals - and since this particular branch wasn't in a commercial area per se, it was not crowded during Easter lunch hour. We were five adults and one kid (who wanted adult servings of her meal), and we only paid like 800+ for our food - sulit na sulit!

This year's Easter Egg Hunt, basically, was no different from last year if you consider just the event itself. But, this time it's actually extra special because my mom and dad actually got to share the fun moments with their apo, and us too. :) They're not really big on 'bonding events' like these, and to be able to experience the Easter Egg Hunt with them was definitely one that will go down in family history. Their easy laughter at my daughter's antics, stories we exchanged over lunch, hoarding freebies with my mom - yun ang nagpa-bongga ng Easter Egg Hunt this year. :) (naiiyak na 'ko. Waaaahhhh! Emotional lang.) 


  1. my friend works at island cove. i didnt know they had an easter activity for kids. im glad your daughter enjoyed it. my son is too young for this activity but im looking forward on attending one next year!

    1. Hi Ms. Ayen! Thanks for the comment. :) Yup, this is our 2nd year na to participate in their Easter Egg hunt activity. I'm sure your son will enjoy it once he is of the right age na to take part in it. My daughter started joining activities like this last year lang, mga 2 years and 11 months na sya non. Mas enjoy kasi when they can run independently na and appreciate na yung mga games. :)